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Sep 25th, 2023
Wind Farms
The presence of wind farms within a flying area can cause the risk of that area to increase. We have cut out any wind farms from any polygons where they are present. New wind farms are being built all over. If you think that your flying area is being impacted by wind farms contact us at ahas@detect-inc.com.

Apr 10th, 2023
Web Page Update
Check out the latest presentation on the new web page functionality here or from the Downloads page. Send any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions to ahas@detect-inc.com.

Mar 8th, 2021
For units and the AHASplus page, click the area highlighted in blue and underlined, to see the chart, in the risk tables.

Jan 25th 2019
Data requests older than previous month
Data requests older than the previous month must be approved by the AF BASH team.

Mar 7th 2014

Google Earth
Google Earth can be used by Air Force units as long as they connect to the NGA instance of the globe. You can download Google Earth at:

warning !

The Avian Hazard Advisory System (AHAS) was constructed with the best available geospatial bird data to reduce the risk of bird collisions with aircraft. Its use for flight planning can reduce the likelihood of a bird collision but will not eliminate the risk. The AHAS organizations are not liable for losses incurred as a result of bird strikes.